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Bring Home a Cheap Computer

A Computer can be a valuable and powerful asset that is no longer a luxury but a must have item in your home. However, in order to own one you need to spend a considerable amount of money. Since computers have become an integral part of our lives, people are now choosing to go for custom-made PC systems, which can be much cheaper.

Customised computers are increasingly preferred nowadays because they not only let you have the configurations of your choice but are also more economical, compared to the pre built ones. Every individual has a different personal need, when it comes to buying a computer. While some require a computer just to carry out normal Microsoft office applications, others might need it just for playing video or online games. People who have high data requirements need a spacious hard disk. On the other hand, people looking for gaming option demand crisp and fabulous graphics.

Depending on your purpose, you can select various components for your computer. Building your own custom cheap computer can be a lot of fun. Apart from giving you a true sense of pride and satisfaction, it can save you money and at the same time guarantees, you get what you actually want. When customising a computer cost effective way, you have the option of choosing from two main computer processors namely AMD and Intel. If the usage of your computer is restricted to routine tasks, an AMD processor is more apt.

However, if you were looking for speedy operations and excellent configurations, then an Intel processor would be a better option. Custom cheap computers provide you an opportunity to hand pick the quality of the components used in the making of your computer. A Few Factors That You Should Keep In Mind While Buying Computer * Choice of PC components and software: Some computer sellers use lesser quality components. They do not reveal the brand and only inform you about the configurations of the custom-built computer. When you sit down to assemble a computer on your own, you get the benefit of selecting branded hardware that come with a warranty.

Give due consideration to the software that you would like to install on your computer. * Price Range: Consider the price quotation of every computer seller before making the final decision on the most suitable deal. Your budget will act as one of the main criteria when buying the computer. * Warranty: If you have chosen branded components for your computer, each of the components will have its own warranty. Home built custom PCs usually do not have a full system warranty.

It is, therefore, essential that you enquire about the warranties offered by various computer sellers. PC Specialist is one of the most reputable computer sellers in the UK. We specialise in providing quality hardware for customised solutions at the most affordable prices.

With every computer purchase, we provide you with low-cost telephone technical support. We offer high performance computers to our customers. Our motherboards and processors come with a warranty of 3 years.

PC Specialist is an online PC sales company offering desktops and laptops for business and personal use. With many years experience in the computer trade we provide the best computers at the best prices.


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