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CECT Ki an overview of the features and specifications

CECT K530i, a new product from the production line of CECT, comes out with another style compared to the previous Iphone clone series. It gives you a feeling of Sony Ericsson K530, actually it looks really like a clone. But CECT K530i combines the big touch screen touch control and the design interface of Sony's k530, to make it a features rich cell phone.

The great differences for K530i compared to the previous CECT cell phones, is that it has keypad, like what other normal cell phone has, so it's not a "one button phone" again. This can make it widely accepted by most customers as the keypad interface is user friendly. And K530i has dual 1.

3 Mega pixel cameras, 3 inch big touch screen, dual SIM card, dual mode of Bluetooth, MP3/MP4 playback and GPRS supported. The price for the CECT K530i is not expensive and is around USD 160 something, so it has a great competitive value on the market with all its features presented.

Here is the features for CECT K530i.

-- Operating Frequency: GSM
-- Network Frequency: 900,1800,1900MHz
-- Language: English , French ,Spanish, Dutch , Vietnam, Turkey, Russian ,Arabic, Thai, Simplified Chinese
-- Dimensions (width high thick): 117x57x16 mm
-- LCD Size: 2.8 inch, 240x320 pixels, 262K color TFT LCD
-- Weight,Package:120g
-- Camera: 1.3 mega + 0.3 mega pixels double Camera
-- SIM card: Dual card; Dual working (GSM1+GSM2 can standby & working simultaneously. )
-- Unlocked: It's Carrier free, not only limited to T-Mobile or AT&T.

-- Touch screen with handwriting: Yes
-- Multimedia: MP3/MP4 file playback, up to 2GB Micro SD (TF) card extension support.
-- FM Radio receiving: Yes
-- GPRS support: Yes
-- Bluetooth support: Yes, dual mode support
.More pictures and information on CECT K530i . .

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