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Digital Camera Capabilities

There was a time not very long ago, say just 10 years ago, when we would buy and develop a roll of film if we wanted to take pictures. There were limited number of pictures that you could take and if you wanted to take many pictures you had to carry as many rolls and batteries. Many rolls or frames would be wasted if the pictures were not of your liking; but you could do nothing about it. The money was wasted and you had to bear it. If you were a little careless then the entire roll could be exposed and thus go waste and you would be left with nothing.

In the world of snap shooting, after Polaroid cameras, Digital cameras have brought about a revolution. They have completely revolutionized the way people take pictures. Digital cameras can be called a computer accessory too because you can download the pictures in the computer and take out the print outs. You may email to any one that you wish to. Deciding upon a digital camera isn`t easy. You need to research well.

You should know what you need, what you are going to use for and what is available in the market. If you want to take pictures like a professional photographer you must know all that you can about tripods, external flash, lenses and filters. Apart from taking still photographs, digital cameras also take video photography and capture sounds. Thus there are various categories of digital cameras like modular digital cameras for professionals and also video cameras. There are digital cameras too which are multi functional. There is a large variety of digital cameras in the market and each one of them is different from the other.

The prices vary according to the features inbuilt; hence if you are bound by a budget then it is not very difficult to select one. But if budget is not an issue then you need to select more carefully. If you buy one with advanced features then it will be a waste of money and the same if you buy one which hasn`t got all the features that you are looking for. In any case, resolution is something that you must look out for.

It must be what you need otherwise it will lead to wastage of storage space and processing power and of course money. In the beginning it was just 1 mega pixel but now it is above 10 mega pixels. This makes the picture quality superb! If you intend to post pictures on the web or your computer or send them by e mails, a lower pixel resolution will work just well. You also don`t really need a huge capacity memory card.

Even one with a small memory can perform all the functions. There is software called Photoshop or Corel paint which allows you to make countless changes in the photos that you have taken. You may change or modify the background, and make many more relevant changes. Digital cameras may use A size batteries or may have their own batteries which may be rechargeable. You may connect the camera to your computer via Bluetooth or Fire Wire Port.

USB is another method of connecting it to the computer. Thus there are quite a few benefits of using a digital camera and the world is fast turning towards it. The days of developing a roll are now history. The immediate gratification that you get on seeing the freshly taken pictures and the benefit of editing out the short comings make digital cameras a choice of the new generation.

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