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Directv DVRs And DVDVCR Combos

DirecTV has changed their free digital video recorder offer for new and existing customers. Although new customers can get DirecTV DVR for almost free, current subscribers are not allowed to participate in this so-called free digital recorder give away. New subscribers will get a DirecTV digital video recorder for free, only after going through the rebate route. You must buy the system first and then send in the proper forms along with the purchase receipt and wait for what seems like eternity to receive the rebate. In addition, subscribers who want to participate to get this not so free digital video recorder must agree by signing a contract for one of the programs. This seems to be a logical way to recoup some of their promotion cost.

Existing customers pay $148 for their digital video recorders and with their $100 rebate, the net cost is $48, still a good deal up front, except that on a 2 year contract at $6 per month, you still end up paying for the supposedly free DVR. Unfortunately, the DirecTV free DVR offer to their old customers came to an end. This was one of the rare deals where existing customers could participate in any type of free offers just like their new counterparts. Do You Have A DVD/VCR Combo Unit? These combo units are handy, many featured devices owned by many people. The VCR, when it first came out, was considered to be a godsend to movie lovers, this was short lived due to the advent of the DVD player. Now, how do you make the switch from one format to another when you have got that many VHS movies? Many have been forced to own both a VCR and DVD player for this reason.

Today marks the demise of the short lived VCR and now DVD players and recorders are the craze. At this time, DVD burners and other recording devices are so popular and are so reasonable priced, that many don't even bother to use the old VCR anymore. But, for various reasons some die-hard movie buffs still need a VCR and a DVD player. There are so many different videos with one or the other format available. Solely for this reason, the VCR and DVD combo was marketed and so many useful features on these components that they were well received in the market place.

Now the movie enthusiast can go to the video store and get any movie, regardless of the format the video is available in. Many people do trade their DVD / VCR combo unit for one with DVD burner built in. With the versatility of these devices, there is really no limit to what you can watch, record, store and burn to DVD. These days, people are sharing their own recorded video with friends and family over the Internet. At present, you can burn recorded video straight to a blank DVD disc and insert it into your PC,s DVD drive and send video through your email. It is still possible to purchase a DVD/ VCR combo to play/record your movie mix of different formats, and to send movies to relatives and friends.

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