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Lamborghini A Ferrari Killer

Just like when talking about Ferrari, Lamborghini projects a clear image of power and wealth to those who own one of these super vehicles. This is an Italian company founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963, so it can be said that this car manufacturing company is fairly new, but it has kept an excellent quality and performance record which rivals that of Ferrari. Unlike Ferrari's founder (Enzo Ferrari), Lamborghini's founded did not have a passion for racing cars like Enzo did, quite the contrary, Ferruccio Lamborghini had a tractor factory!.

This tractor factory was indeed the financial base used to create the car company Lamborghini. The origins of the company as told by Ferruccio Lamborghini's son is quite amazing. It turns out that Ferruccio went to meet Enzo Ferrari at his factory to complain about he quality of the clutch in the Ferrari 250 GT which he owned at the time (this is a sports car model of the 1950's). Enzo Ferrari then sent him away by telling him to go drive tractors because he didn't know how to drive cars. Lamborghini then had his Ferrari's clutch dismantled and realized that the clutch manufacturer was the same company which provided the clutches for his tractors!, Lamborghini then found a spare part in his warehouse which the thought might solve the problem and voila!, it did the job indeed. Ever since, Lamborghini became a dissatisfied Ferrari client and aimed to beat Ferrari in his own game.

Ferruccio then decided that his cars would have a V12 engine so he hired Giotto Bizzarrini who worked under Ferrari's engine development team in the past. And as it turns out, Ferrari and Lamborghini are two automotive groups which are considered rival companies, and equivalents in quality as well as price. Ever since its creation, Lamborghini has experienced continuous sales growth. It's cars are among the most powerful, expensive and exclusive in the world, they feature several exclusive characteristics such as high tech V10 - V12 engines, carbon fiber construction and custom styling by the most prestigious automotive designers such as: Franco Scaglione, Zagato, Marcello Gandini, etc.

Among the most recent popular models produced by this company we have: the V12 Lamborghini Diablo reaching a maximum speed of 330km/h; the V12 Lamborghini Murcielago; the V10 Gallardo; the V12 Murcielago LP640 and last but not the least the one of a kind Lamborghini Reventon debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto show. This vehicle manufacturer is without a doubt one of the best in the world.

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