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LBS application Development

For the past several years, many operators all across the world have introduced location-based services as a part of their service portfolio. In many countries, regulatory guidelines make it mandatory for operators to track the user's position. The best possible way to track a position or a place can only be through monitoring the user's cell phone.

Cell phone is a personal device that a person carries around with him or herself all the time and at all places and thus it can provide valuable information about the user's positioning. Tracking the cell phone position to ascertain the user's actual position is referred to as location application development or location-based service. Information about the user's location or place can prove to be very useful on several occasions, like in cases of emergency. The availability of location technology and high ownership of wireless communication devices have ushered in a new era of computing: the mobility era. The primary functionality of LBS application development is to find a person, place or a thing relative to the user's present position. LBS application covers every aspect related to human mobility: navigation, health, entertainment, emergency, convenience and many more.

The software can be used for medical alerts, family security, mobile games, social services like date finder and city guide etc.; driving directions, weather alerts, navigation assistance and yellow pages. We at Binary Parcels deliver well-packaged IT solutions to businesses situated in the US, UK, Switzerland and India. For details about our services, products and technology, please visit binaryparcels.

com. Mobile computing has brought the most promising applications of the future at your fingertips. While the market for mobile device content delivery and LBS application development is fairly well developed in Europe and Asia, it is just beginning to make its presence felt in US.

We recognize this opportunity and are at the forefront developing compelling mobile solutions for business enterprises. Some of our services include mobile application development, SMS gateway solution; reverse mobile lookup number and much more. We provide assistance in creating applications built upon leading edge mobile platforms including SMS, MMS, Windows Mobile, WAP/WML and Blackberry etc. With our extensive planning and analysis services, we help businesses define their IT strategy that suits the set business model and ensures future growth. You can leverage our rich experience in mobile communications industry and use it to design business solutions and outperform your competition.

So, log on to and use our practical solutions to give your business an edge over the others.

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