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LG VX8100


With each new release, handsets grow more advanced; combining a broad range of features into a compact device. Due to the widespread use and popularity of the cell phone, it's the perfect foundation to build a multifunctional gadget, being just a pocket's reach away.

Initially digital cameras broke ground, making sure users would never have an excuse for leaving the camera at home. Then, as MP3s overshadowed polyphonic ringtones as the sound of choice, portable music players begin being integrated.

But Asia and Europe have always been light-years ahead of North America when it comes to handsets. And a glimpse overseas has given anxious consumers of what's to come in the future.

With Verizon Wireless' launch of EV-DO, more possibilities emerged; allowing subscribers to access broadband-like speeds on their mobile device. Through Verizon's VCAST service, movie and television clips are able to be streamed and watched on the go.

The LG VX8000 was the first device to feature the promising new 3G technology, but drawbacks in size, weight, and design hindered its appeal to the mass market. But with the release its successor, the VX8100, LG hopes to correct past mistakes and attract tech-hungry consumers.


Contrary to the no-nonsense boxy shell of the VX8000, the relaxed curves of the VX8100 evokes a more entertaining feel; adding a cool blue texture instead of the metallic casing. Measuring 91 x 49 x 26 mm, the VX8100 is more compact, albeit thicker, than the VX8000. And its 118 g adds more weight to lug around.

Closed, the VX8100's external 65K Color TFT screen displays 7 lines of information, including date, time, battery level, signal strength, and a small wallpaper. Additionally, incoming calls are shown for convenience.

Above the LCD, the lens to the 1.3-megapixel camera is positioned to capture lasting memories; activated with the press of the Camera Key along the right side. While a built-in flash can be triggered to ensure those recollections show up bright and clear even in low-light conditions.

Navigation and shortcut keys provide convenient access without opening the VX8100. Below the external screen, Left, Right, and Select buttons allow consumers to Rewind, Fast Forward, and Play / Stop when listening to the built-in MP3 player.

On the left side, up and down keys adjust the ring and voice volumes during standby and calls, and doubling as scroll buttons through months in the Calendar or pages in the MiniBrowser. Pressing the dedicated Voice Dial Key below records and playbacks memos; even activating the speaker-independent voice recognition system.

Since the VX8100 is a video phone, an ample amount of storage is needed to stream and store large files. And should users find themselves out of internal memory, an expansion slot along the right side accepts miniSD cards.

Opening the VX8100 reveals the internal screen; able to display a brilliant 262K colors at 176 x 144 px in resolution. Conveniently placed, the 5-way directional keypad is surrounded by Send, Camera, Clear, Power / End, and Left and Right soft keys for additional shortcuts.

Out of the box, the LG VX8100 comes with a standard 1000 mAh Li-Ion battery, AC adapter, back cover plate, Welcome CD, and user manual.

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