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PC Registry Repair Sweep Your Registry Clean

Are you suffering from slow PC problems? Is your operating system full of errors? Does it crash often? If yes, then it is quite likely that your PC is suffering from a large, damaged, and fragmented registry. So what is this registry? Simply put, the registry is the backbone of your Windows computer. Why? Because it contains all configuration information that governs how all hardware and software function on your system, how system appears to users logging on with different user accounts, and what system settings are applicable for different users. This configuration information is stored in the registry in the form of keys and values. As you continue to work on your computer, new keys and values are added, removed or modified by the programs and devices you work with.

Many times during the process, certain unwanted entries stray into the registry causing it to grow to a very large size. A large registry slows down and tends to easily get corrupted and fragmented. Additionally, a slow and damaged registry deteriorates the performance of your PC, generates several computer errors and is one of main forces behind frequent system crashes and freezes. To prevent this situation and to overcome the sluggish PC problems you need to sweep your Windows registry to clean up all this unwanted junk and debris accumulated within it. The best and easiest way to free your registry from this unwanted data and to restore your Windows PC back to its peak performance is to use a reliable and efficient PC registry repair tool.

With a good registry cleaner tool in hand, you can perform several registry maintenance activities that will help you restore your registry and your system back to their optimal working condition. Let's have a look at some of the top features of a good registry cleaner tool: - It has a graphical user interface with easy-to-understand screen elements and options for novice users to confidently use the tool and perform regular registry maintenance. - The tool provides an automatic registry scan and repair feature that provides you with the freedom of maintaining a healthy registry without venturing in to technicalities behind searching for and removing unwanted information. - For more advanced users, a good tool provides manual repair features that you can use to go through all the displayed errors and decide which errors you want to repair/remove.

- You can use the registry tool to defrag the registry. Defragging helps in two ways—compresses the registry by removing empty registry keys left behind by removed entries and restores the contiguity of the registry by reindexing its fragmented files. Both these tasks speed up your registry and improve the performance of your system. - A good registry tool comes with adequate registry backup and restoration features. These features help restore your registry to the time the backup was taken if the current registry fails.

There are several PC registry repair tools available on the internet, and you can opt for one that has a good market reputation, comprises sufficient registry and system maintenance features and is compatible with your Windows operating system. Be sure to do a registry cleaner comparison to aide in locating the best registry cleaner for your needs. There are many sites out there that will give you detailed registry cleaner reviews.

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PC Registry Repair has done the research so you don't have to! If you are looking for the Best Registry Cleaner or a detailed Registry Cleaner Comparison of the best registry cleaners for 2008, check out


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