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Phone Records Protect Your Interests

Phone records often contain your billing information as well as the number of calls you have made in a given time span, most often a month. It also lists the telephone numbers that you have dialed, particularly long distance and international calls. Other information that you can find in phone documents are the total minutes that you've spent on the phone and the accompanying charges.

A lot of people access calling records for several reasons, and it is not always their own records that they want to access. For one, trying to get a copy of the phone call records of your spouse is one way to verify any suspicions of infidelity. Parents also want to access the phone documents of their children (especially if they are teenagers) to ensure that their kids are not involved in drugs, are with the 'right' group of people and to monitor calling costs. Companies nowadays often provide mobile phones to some of their employees so it is also normal for them to receive the phone records for these devices for payment purposes.

Private detectives, the police and other law enforcement officials have also been known to use phone records to be able to locate criminals and to find someone who has financial obligations to fulfill. The Convenience of Accessing Phone Call Records Online Through online brokers, phone records belonging to other people have also been made available on the Internet as long as you are willing to pay a fee. You just need to double check with the company that you are purchasing these phone records from that these have been acquired through legal means and not through any form of pretex (i.e.

, the practice of pretending to be the customer or actual owner of the phone number to obtain confidential information). Although this may increase the paranoia of majority of consumers, accessing your own phone records online still has its advantages. Despite the seeming breach of privacy this phenomenon has brought about, online phone record access cannot be beaten in terms of convenience. Offering phone records online also creates the quality of reliability for the phone company since they can be obtained whenever customers need them. Apart from this, online phone records allow customers the freedom and convenience to budget expenses incurred from using the telephone by being able to see them anytime during the month, not just at the end of the billing cycle. Another advantage is speed; online access removes delays associated with other methods such as postal mail or even electronic mail.

If you feel that there are risks associated with online phone records, you can speak to the phone company who provides the service for you so they can be deactivated completely and taken off the Internet permanently. If you do want online access, know that you have the option to ask for additional secure PIN numbers and passwords for more protection. You can also ask the phone company to NOT send password reminders to you anymore as an extra precaution against anyone pretending to be you.

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