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RIM BlackBerry 7100g


Just the mention of "BlackBerry," and people either swear by it, or cringe at the thought of it. Such polarizing opinions are partly due to RIM placing importance on function rather than form; with powerful email functionality and business productivity tools aimed at business users horribly packaged in an aesthetically unappealing design.

Hoping to attract the more casual user, RIM launched the BlackBerry 7100t a few months ago; with a new streamline design fit for the 21st century. At the time, Cingular consumers lusted after T-Mobile's BlackBerry 7100t, but with the launch of the new BlackBerry 7100g, Cingular users are able to share in improved designs.

Internally similar to the 7100t, the 7100g has a high-resolution color display, 32 MB of internal memory, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and BlackBerry functionality and tools, making it appealing to both business and casual users alike.


Reduced to 117 x 59 x 21 mm and weighing 120 g, the BlackBerry 7100g takes a departure from the conventional boxy shape of previous BlackBerrys; resembling more of a standard phone with an aesthetically appealing look and clean design.

RIM BlackBerry 7100g FrontHaving a chrome high-tech appearance, the front features a large 240 x 260 px screen capable of displaying 65K colors. A reduced size QWERTY keypad was a major factor for the 7100g's condensed size; situated below Send and End, and a Convenience Key used to open a list of useful links or open selected lists. With just 20 keys, up to two key presses is needed for entering a desired letter. Combined with RIM's SureType predictive technology, the text entry process has been considerably simplified.

The top of the 7100g contains a Power On / Off button and LED indicator; notifying users when new information has arrived. Along the left, a standard 2.5 mm headset jack provides convenient hands-free access, and a USB port enables data synchronization and battery charging. And on the right side, an End button allows users to conveniently exit a screen, while a navigational trackwheel offers versatile navigation through the menu structure and email messages.

Turned around, the back features a speakerphone in the top portion, just above the removable battery door.

Out of the box, the RIM BlackBerry 7100g comes with a standard 960 mAh Li-Ion battery, handsfree headset, international travel charger, USB data cable, BlackBerry Desktop software, SIM card, and user manual.

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