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Samsung SGH-P777


As the first phone in Samsung's new line of high-speed, high-bandwidth, multimedia phones, the SGH-P777 is a perfect option for wireless users who want to take full advantage of Cingular's EDGE network.

In addition, with the SGH-P777's 1.3 megapixel camera, consumers can take and send photos at a range of resolutions. They can also enhance images with the built-in 4X digital zoom, adjust image brightness for capturing that perfect picture and make use of the multi-shot function.

The tri-band SGH-P777, with its cool slider design, MP3 technologies and up to one hour of video recording capabilities, is a perfect device for business and pleasure.


The struggle between designing compact cell phones and featuring large screens has prompted manufacturers to come up with innovative form factors. Initially flip phones were ideal, conservative in form, giving twice the surface area while keeping the same small size. But as the need to stay fresh, manufacturers came up with the slider, taking the same concept and applying a fun and hip new twist.

Samsung SGH-P777 ClosedClosed, the SGH-P777 measures 92 x 46 x 24 mm and weighs 96 g; not tiny but comfortably small for fitting in a pocket. Having a metallic high-tech finish, the front contains a large 176 x 220 px screen capable of displaying an impressive 262K colors. Situated below, a 5-way navigation keypad is flanked by Dial / Menu Confirm, Power On / Off / Menu End, Cancel / Correct, and Left and Right soft keys. In idle mode, pressing the keypad activates the WAP browser.

Turned around, the back features the lens to the built-in 1.3 megapixel camera. A mirror, revealed when the SGH-P777 is slid open, is located above allowing users to take self-portraits easily, while the flash and pin-sized hole for the camera microphone are situated to the right of the lens.

Along the right side, an infrared port provides wireless transfers and synchronicity between PCs, while Camera and MP3 shortcut keys allow easy access to multimedia functions. Quick keys on the left side control ringer and speaker volumes during standby and calling modes, adjust keypad tone in idle, and is used as up and down navigational scroll. A proprietary 2.5 mm headset jack provides convenient hands-free access, while a port along the bottom provides charging and PC data link capabilities.

Slid open, the backlit numeric keypad is revealed, otherwise tucked away to avoid misdials. While fairly standard, unfortunately the keys are flat to accommodate for the top sliding over, so there is not much feel while text messaging.

Out of the box, the Samsung SGH-P777 comes with a standard 800 mAh Li-Ion battery, handsfree stereo headset, travel charger, USB data cable, hand strap, Software CD, and user manual.

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