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Ten Reasons You Should Use Bluetooth

If you are one of the many people who wonder exactly what Bluetooth technology is, you're about to get a brief rundown. 1) Bluetooth provides the ability for items that often need to be hard wired to be completely wireless. It allows you to use your laptop, cell phones, and hand held computer without being limited by cords, wires, and connections. In other words, Bluetooth technology allows portable devices to be truly portable. 2) Bluetooth is a surprisingly affordable option when compared to similar technologies.

Because Bluetooth is inexpensive for companies to utilize they are also willing to pass the savings along to consumers. 3) Perhaps the greatest thing about Bluetooth for the average consumer is the fact that it is easy to use. There are no complicated sequences of keys you have to learn in order to make use of your Bluetooth devices. 4) Another winning fact about Bluetooth devices is that they will work with other Bluetooth enabled devices. If you switch from a Motorola phone to a Samsung phone (provided they are both Bluetooth capable) you will not have to be a new set of accessories in order for them to work with your phone. 5) Low interference is another bonus for these devices.

People often find that wireless devices receive constant interference by others operating on the same frequencies. This is not an issue with Bluetooth as it utilizes technologies that limit the risk of this occurrence. 6) Lower energy consumption is another benefit of Bluetooth over similar devices. This means you will drain your battery less often or use less electricity in the use of your Bluetooth devices. 7) Bluetooth allows compatible devices to share data and voice communication. This means that you can drive more safely while talking on your cell phone.

8) You have the option of creating a Personal Area Network (PAN) with your Bluetooth device. This network operates within a 30 foot range and can have as many as 7 devices connected. 9) Bluetooth is emerging technology.

As such, they are constantly offering better features and services. They are also behaving very wisely in creating consumer loyalty by making their new technologies compatible with existing technologies. This means that you can continuously upgrade your devices.

10) We've seen many fads come and go in the cellular community. Bluetooth, however, seems to be in it for the long haul. They are committed to raising the bar for wireless technology and have in the process gained many loyal customers and fans. If you rely on cellular technology isn't it time you checked out how Bluetooth could benefit you?.

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