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The Basics of Cleaning Your Computer Registry

This has been written to give the average computer user the information needed to optimize and maintain there computer registry. Your windows registry is an essential part of your computer so it needs to be looked after I hope this helps. Windows registry problems will overtime cause pc crashes, slow down or just generally make your computer sluggish.

Computer registry problems are caused by programs leaving invalid registry entries in your windows registry file. If you experience registry problems it is better to address it immediately rather than letting it compound into major problems later. Windows Xp and Windows Vista are both equipped with a registry Editor. You can use this Registry Editor to view entries and even remove invalid file entries. It is always advisable to backup your computer before changing any files in the registry.

In saying this it is not equipped with a function that can scan, remove and repair registry entries. You will need to use one of the many online tools available today to do this for you unless you are a very experienced user. Due to the actuality that many of the programs running within Windows XP or Vista use some of the same parameters common to them, cleaning and maintaining your registry file can become very dangerous for the inexperienced user. Since the registry entries are all essential for the optimum operation of the windows operating system, inadvertently deleting the wrong entry may end up slowing the system and may cause some genuine problems for the operator. Every time you install new software or hardware on your computer it is logged in your computer registry. This happens whether you are installing or un-installing programs or hardware.

In a nutshell the computer registry file in Windows is a log of all events that take place on your computer system. Unfortunately whether you follow the correct un-install procedures or not there will always be some form of the program left behind in the registry. An unmaintained registry is likely to cause problems and crashes if left unchecked.

It is vital that you clean your registry of any obsolete or cross linked files to ensure system stability and reliability. Removing and installing programs can cause corrupt entries in your computers registry. This can in effect degrade the overall running of your computer which could lead to your computer failing to start altogether. If you have not done so already it would be a good idea to consider cleaning your computer registry to stop any further or future problems developing. It is vital for you to maintain your computer registry, it is not a difficult procedure as long as you are extremely careful when removing any entries. Once you have removed a registry entry it is permanent and can not be undone.

If you happen to delete a registry file that is needed it could stop your computer from running, so make a backup of all your files befor attempting anything like this. If you really need to view you registry files you can commence by exploring your Registry by clicking on the Start then Run and typing in Regedit. Open the Registry Editor and click on the My Computer icon in the left-hand panel. Click Edit and Find.

Put in a word that has some reference to the program you want to be certain is defunct from your registry. You can put in the term of the program or the program's publisher name. Be certain to tick the box labeled Keys, Values, and Data, then click Find Next.

During the start up of your PC you can also optimize your registry. Information contained in your computer registry is used by Windows to launch all .exe files during start up. By going to Start then Run and typing in MSCONFIG and then clicking on the start up tab.

You will be able see every program that is currently running on the computer. If you are experienced you can un-check programs in the startup section of this utility to help speed up your PC. To maintain a healthy computer registry always follow the un-install directions of any programs you are removing.

This should minimize the risk of creating orphaned files and corrupt DLL's that could interfere with your registry. It is advisable to conduct a computer registry scan at least once a week.

Ready to repair your registry? Don't be scammed by misleading claims -check out our independent reports on Registry Cleaners here is one on Regcure. Ron manages a site on Adware and has written many articles and reports.


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