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The VoIP communications evolution is now underway

Already a trillion dollar industry, telecommunication is booming by the day. Every day another half million new cell phones are bought. New advanced VoIP is now enabling the use of VoIP by cell phone without internet connection. The market is now set to literally explode for the companies who are introducing this new patented technology. In the marketplace are a large number of companies vying for a leading place in this competitive modern market where VoIP is increasingly replacing the old communications technology. Some companies have been around for a number of years and many are very new to the market.

What will win out in the end is the company that can offer the most technically advances system of VoIP, quality and reliability of service and at low cost. Another factor is having the network coverage in a world that cries out for this technology to be available in more and more countries. Yes, there is an increasing demand from many countries that as yet have not had the VoIP made available. However this is rapidly changing.

Although many companies claim to have world coverage this is in fact not the case. They may have a spread of network in the major countries but this is very small when taking into account of all nations. What has been needed was new and advanced VoIP technology that has the ability to accomplish much more that that of the older VoIP systems. Today we are suddenly becoming aware of VoIP being 'of age'. No longer is a direct internet connection required to use VoIP.

It is amazing how just a regular cell phone can be used. This is a major breakthrough welcomed in countries around the world. To complete a story of my own experience in this field I was involved at the beginning of one company which began operations about two years ago. This company was named Kazil. It was pioneering advanced VoIP; however a decision by management at that time to move its base to India was indeed flawed.

From that point the technical difficulties where not resolved there and hence it ran into financial difficulties. About 7 weeks ago Kazil was taken over and the company was promptly brought out of India back to Washington USA. Basically the old Kazil was gone. From the ashes of this collapsed company the technologigal challenge was re-taken up. The VoIP was put on another platform which is patent pending. One of the best decisions made was the retaining of the chief technical director of the redundant company, Kazil.

There was offered the opportunity of former agents to join the new company at no cost and honoured any payments due to them. A wise move indeed. Now we come to an amazing fact. In 6 weeks from inception, this advanced VoIP service has literally exploded into action using this new patent pending technology. Of the many new companies pushing VoIP technology forward, the one I refer to is growing week on week at an amazing pace. The VoIP service is proving to be of the highest quality.

Week on week new features of the service are being plugged on and it is quite exciting to be a part of it. In six weeks it has now by far the greatest worldwide network of services than anyone else. It began with 30 terminations across the world ? matching other leading companies.

It has just added another 25 terminations to these which makes the network huge. There are a huge range of features that are proving extremely popular such as 'Call back' and 'SMS call back' able to be used on landline and cell phone where it in effect makes your call an incoming call which generally will be a free call from your service provider. Also in the pipeline is 'Global Local'. This is the ability of any person across the world being able to call members personal VoIP number at the cost of a local call where they live.

As many areas have free calls for local it means they can talk to friends, family etc somewhere else in the world free. This is a tremendously attractive feature to people of many nations who live on very low incomes. There is no doubt that the new VoIP technology is making tremendous inroads at this time with many other new features in the pipeline.

Many new companies will become recognised as a 'Brand' throughout the world. What other service do you know that you can use an ordinary cell phone and dial a connection that will be VoIP? No internet connection required? Or landline for that matter! No pins or cards required. The wonderful thing about this communications business is that it transcends all boundaries.

Like Bill Gates once said 'The world is becoming flat'. I am dealing with people regarding these new VoIP inovations throughout the world. This new VoIP is proving extremely popular across the world as it opens up communications in a world where families etc are now spread across the nations. I could certainly write a lot more but I don't wish to give you eyestrain. How about watching a movie? That's more like it you say.

This is about 5 minutes long. Be sure to have your headphones or speakers on. Go to resources below, once there click on 'Watch the Movie'. Yes, the evolution of VoIP is under way.

In the website you can make contact with me on the form if you wish to know more. Or contact me Mike Moore using 'Global' as a header (it may be filtered out if not).


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