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Thoughts On The Motorola Krazr By A User

I recently purchased the Motorola Krazr, which is in reality the Motorola Krzr K1m. I have seen hundreds of reviews about the model. Everyone is leaving his or her opinions, but no one has used the phone! I actually have the Krzr, so I've created this review. Thus far, it's the only one I've seen that gives you anything more than specifications and features.

The exact model that I purchased was the Motorola Krzr K1m, for Verizon Wireless. This information is important because there is another model, the Krzr K1. The K1 was released with Cingular, and could be quite different. My first reaction is that the model feels like it was really well made. The phone is heavier than the Razr v3c that I had before. It doesn't feel too heavy though; it just feels like it was put together really well.

A negative for me was that the model is taller than the Razr. The Krzr is 103mm tall; the Razr is only 98mm. The model is significantly slimmer than the Razr. The Razr is 55mm wide; the Krzr boasts a width of only 42mm. The one I purchased is the white Krazr.

If you're going to order the model online, you should know that the white part of the model is slightly darker than most of the pictures I've seen online. The dark part of the model is a little lighter than it is in this picture. The phone looks great! The screen on the outside of the model is almost invisible when it turns itself off; it makes the model look quite futuristic. The first thing that stands out to me about the Krzr is the keypad.

Motorola did really well this time. I really didn't like the keypad on the Razr v3c. It was really hard to use. I couldn't really feel which key was which because of the weird curved, raised areas around the keys. On the Krazr, they have a square grid around the keys, and I can easily feel exactly which key is which. You still have the futuristic look of the Razr keypad; in fact it looks even better.

The new design makes it a lot more functional, so I am really impressed. I give the keypad an A+. When you flip open the Krzr, it feels really sturdy. It is slightly thicker than the Razr. The screen isn't as large as the Razr, but it is just as brilliant.

Of course, it uses the exact same technology for the screen, which is TFT. I won't go into what makes TFT work, but Motorola uses it in all its higher quality handsets, because it makes the screens look a lot more brilliant. The screen of the Krazr is no exception. I give it an A-. The small size keeps it out of the A+ range.

The reception of the model is spectacular. I live in Utah, and there are a few areas where cell phone service isn't that great. There is one particularly bad spot on I-15 known as the 'Point of the Mountain.' Everyone knows about it, and cell phone service up there is spotty at best.

I drove up there with the Krzr, and it did great! The call didn't drop, and didn't even get choppy. Keep in mind that this might not be the case in all areas, but I do believe that overall it can't be a bad thing. Remember that Verizon will let you test a phone for 30 minutes of usage. You can get the model and test it out! As long as you don't have over 30 minutes of talk time, you can take the phone back. Use this time to your advantage. Test it in your areas weak service spots.

I'm very happy with my purchase of the model, but you should test the model yourself.

Courtney writes product reviews and publications such as this one on Motorola Krazr and Verizon Krazr.


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