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DATA SEND FOR LARGE FILE TRANSFER It has been difficult, for many years, to send large files like high resolution images, audio or video using normal email due to ISP and FTP restrictions. Data Send provides an easy way to get large files where you need them and when you need them. Often, a recipient's e-mail in box will not allow large file attachments and you may also not want to clog up their email box with larger attachments.

Data Send can store the file for you and provide a simple email with a link to download the file to the recipient. The service is aimed at the non technical user who needs to be able to send large files over the internet both easily and securely. The service is meant not only for large files, it provides a safe and secure way to send any file. Users find the service is also cost effective when compared to other forms of delivery, like a next day courier service. The main advantage of Data Send over a FTP server configuration is that you do not have to worry about allowing people access to your own web server. The extra time involved in managing a FTP server with multiple users is also substantial.

This will also appeal to technical users for saving valuable time and money. The service is ideally suited for: photographers, designers, print & repro graphic companies, architects, audio visual companies, social enterprises, accountants, solicitors, manufacturing companies, multi media companies and others. We do not offer a free service as Data Send is not sponsored by advertisers. This also gives us the freedom to concentrate on providing a more exclusive service to our account holders. Our minimum service period is for one month. The service we provide is also very secure as the private and dedicated servers we use are co located in purpose built, state of the art data centers in the UK.

These facilities have extensive physical and environmental security measures in place. All files coming to us are transferred over a secure SSL encrypted connection and stored in an encrypted format. They can be downloaded using only the generated links provided.

For more security we offer the option of protecting your data and download links with passwords. Your email address will appear only if you enter it in the "from box". The notification emails look like simple html emails with a link to download the file. You can send the email to more than one recipient by filling in their email addresses in the "Send To" box. You can also send multiple files at once. We also offer you the option of uploading up to 8 individual files at once with our system.

Data Send gives you the option to track the files that you send, all the files that you send are logged in your own "Sent Files" area. These records are displayed for 7 days then permanently deleted along with the actual files on the server.

Tony Stewart is the author of this article on Send large files with ease. Find more information about Secure transfer delivery here.


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