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What Are Screensavers Useful For These Days

There's so much computer lingo these days, it can make a person go mad! And so many people either have or will have at least one computer in their possession. Actually, now that I think of it, I don't think I no a single person that doesn't already have at least one home computer and/or a laptop. And if someone doesn't own one, then most likely their job requires them to use one on a daily basis. Let's face it, computers are here to stay, don't ya think? There are computers everywhere you look these days, and if you really don't know much about them or how to use one very well, then you might want to consider getting yourself a how-to book soon! There are many different details that go into a computer and how the PC works but you don't have to be a genius or a computer geek to learn some of the basics. There are many different fun facts and features of the computer that would be very enjoyable for you to learn about. Some of these useful features include screensavers.

You've most likely seen at least some of the many types of screensaves out there. If you purchased a computer with Windows as the OS, then it came with some screensavers already installed on it. You can also purchase screensavers, or even download thousands of free ones from the internet.

You can even have them custom made if you'd like, or you can get yourself some easy to use programs that let you design your very own. Have you ever wondered what the point of those screensavers is? Where did the idea come from and what can they be used for? Early screensavers were first designed as a way to protect our CRT monitors from something called "phosphor burn-in". If you have ever used the early CRT monitors, especially the monochrome ones, you might already know that they had problems with the same image being displayed for a long time. The phosphors are what's used to make the pixels in the display and when they would glow for a long time at a constant rate, they would actually burn into the glass surface of the CRT.

This burn would cause a discoloration. This discoloration would then be visible and will remain on the glass whenever anything else is displayed on the monitor as well. Basically, it would ruin your monitor to leave it on one image for long periods of time. So, the screensaver was designed as a way of changing that display so that the screen goes blank or that it turns into something different to keep from damaging the monitor.

If you stepped away from the computer for a while or accidentally fell asleep with it on, your computer monitor would be protected. It was a very smart plan when you think about it. However, over the years computers have advanced quite a bit and so have monitors. In fact, most people don't even use CRTs anymore as people are moving over to the flat panel styles. For this reason, screensavers are not really needed for that purpose anymore. However, we still use them for other reasons and they are becoming increasingly popular with the easy access from the internet.

Since we do not need screensavers to protect our monitors anymore, why are they still used? Well, actually there are several different reasons. The most frequent are for entertainment purposes and for security purposes. When you set up a screensaver with password protection, you can leave your computer and do not have to worry about someone else accessing your computer or its information. This gives you added security when it comes to your computer and this is a common reason for using screensavers today. But entertainment is certainly a very big reason. In fact, I'd have to say that it is the most common reason in this day and time.

We simply like the way they look and the personal touch they can add to the computer. There are many other useful things that a screensaver can do. For instance, they can maintain a uniform look in the office.

Many companies often require their employees to all have the same screensaver. This creates a uniform look and it also keeps people from using something that might be offensive or inappropriate for the work environment. It can also be a great way to advertise the company to customers. For advertising, many companies and businesses will use computers in areas where their customers can see or that they can use themselves. If this is the case, then they might use a screensaver that promotes their business or product.

Screensavers can even work to provide information. Many have trivia questions, facts and other info as well as real-time information, weather reports and more. There are many different things you can have as a screensaver and it's all quite interesting.

So you can easily see that screensavers are used for so many different things these days than when they were first created. Even though we typically don't need them to actually protect our monitors anymore, they are still very useful and very popular and actually can be quite fun. In fact, with so many different designs and types out there, they may just be more popular than ever!.

Paul Diemer has operated since it's conception in Januay, 2000. Scenic Reflections is home to some of the most beautiful and scenic screensavers on the Net. His Scenic Reflections brand of screensavers feature beautiful images and soothing CD quality musical compositions. Visit his site at and enjoy thousands of free screensavers, wallpapers and ecards.


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