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Motorola ROKR E1 PhotoThe popularity of Apple's iPod has proven there is a huge market for portable audio, and the natural combination of the MP3 player with the cell phone seems only logical. Just as manufacturers have concentrated on camera phones in 2004, music phones are their target in 2005.

The strongest contender is the new ROKR E1 from Motorola. Designed with Apple, the ROKR E1 comes with iTunes music software that lets users drag and drop songs to the handset.

Being heavily promoted by a host of past and present music legends including Madonna, Little Richard, Alanis Morissette, Iggy Pop, Biggie Smalls, and even Beethoven (in a screen-first), Motorola and Apple hope the ROKR will capture the hearts of cell phone consumers just as the iPod did for portable audio listeners. >>read full review

Motorola Pebl U6

Not since the days of the StarTac has Motorola experienced such market growth, gaining market share when Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson have all posted loses. And there has been good reason. While most manufacturers stick to convention, Motorola pushes the envelope, designing radically new form factors to achieve the "whoa" reaction CEO Ed Zander desired. >>read full review

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  Unveils World's Thinnest Cell Phone

NEC Corporation today announced that it has launched the world's thinnest fold-Type mobile phone (dubbed the L1) with mega-pixel camera on the Hong Kong market. Following this, the ultra-thin model will also be introduced in Italy, Russia, Australia and China, among others.

>>read full article

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